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Calm & Connected

This class is for children (3rd-5th grade) with the diagnosis of AD/HD and/or anxiety and their parent(s).  It will be co-led by a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher.  Parents and children will alternate between co-leaders each evening. 

With the children, our licensed clinician will focus on social skill development, strategies for impulse control, sustained focus, executive functioning and emotional regulation.    Parents will learn about current research and resources about the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and AD/HD, strategies for managing behavioral difficulties, supporting executive functioning and increasing sustained focus in children.

The children's yoga practice will consist of postures and breath awareness to cultivate self-regulation, concentration, ease and confidence.  The parents' yoga practice will promote self care, patient, compassion, and weekly "go-to" strategies to bring yoga and mindfulness home in support of the whole family. 

Each week's class will conclude with the entire group of kids and parents connecting, reviewing themes, and relaxing together before heading home for a peaceful evening.


This class will be limited to 6 child/parent sets.

We are in-network with some insurance providers.  Please contact the office for details.

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