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Ameera's Therapy to Go

As the end of January approaches, there are several things to make note of. As a parent, go through this list with your child or teen to see which items are of significance to them. After the list, keep reading for activities to keep you and your child busy.

1.) Did you make new years resolutions? If you did, how have you been keeping up with them? If not, would you like to make some?

2.) Since January is over, that means only two more months of winter (and days are getting longer). This means that we will get more sunshine, and more time to be outside! (Also, here comes spring break!)

3.)Time for the Super Bowl (or the halftime show if you are not a fan of football)

4.) Fun holidays: January 31st is Backward Day, Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, and Groundhog day is on February 2nd

For an artsy child:

1.) Groundhog Shadow- Have your child draw a groundhog and it's shadow. Have them write down their qualities and achievements that other's may not know about in the groundhogs shadow, then have them explain to you why they are proud of these achievements or qualities to bring them "out of the shadows." This will help your child with self-esteem, and will prompt them to recognize and reflect.

2.) Inspire your heart with art- In honor of Inspire your heart with art day, have your child draw a picture of their heart with everything that is important to them inside of it. They can do this using words or pictures. Have them discuss what they drew as they draw, or after they are finished. This will encourage your child to evaluate what they value in life and discuss with you.

For an energetic child:

1.) Football feelings- in honor of the Super Bowl have your child dance to their favorite "feelings songs" when the song is paused have them do a touchdown dance to represent a feeling, and try to guess which feeling that is. Take turns, and talk about when you might see/feel these feelings. This will open up a dialogue on feelings and when they are appropriate.

2.) Backward tag- In honor of Backward Day, play a game of tag with your child, in which you must move backwards. For any time you bump into something, or get tagged you must state a goal of yours, whether you are the parent or the child. This gives your child an opportunity to let out some of their energy while also talking about goal setting, and how it is important at all ages.

For a teen:

1.) New Years Resolution check in: Have your teen write down their new years resolutions, if they hadn't made any and discuss how they will achieve these resolutions. If they have already made resolutions, have them check in on the progress that they have made towards reaching these goals. Through this you and your teen can work together to help them accomplish their goals.

2.) SUPER bowl: Challenge your teen to make a healthy and delicious SUPER bowl to enjoy using only food items in your kitchen. Try and create your own super bowl as well, and then try each others bowls. This will be a fun way to talk about being healthy, while experimenting in the kitchen.

Local events:

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