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Ameera's Therapy To Go

We're halfway through February can you believe it? As slow as January felt, February seems to be flying by. Sadly, the weather is still too cold to be playing outside, but hopefully in this post you can find some tips to hold you and your child/teen over.

1.) Although valentine's day has recently passed February is the perfect month to reflect on love and what it means to you. It is also a great time to show your loved ones that you care.

2.) There are not too many holidays left in February: the 25th is Mardi Gras, and the 26th is ash Wednesday.

For an artsy child:

1.) Love Tree: Using finger paint, have your child paint their hand and stamp it on a sheet of paper. After, have them draw in hearts for the leaves. Inside the hearts have them write or draw things that they love about their lives, themselves, and things they love to do in general. This will help your child reflect on what they enjoy in life. It will help you open up a discussion with your child to get to know what they love.

2.) If I were president: Have your child create a story, in honor of presidents day, of what the world or country would like if they were president. This will open open dialogue about caring for others, and how to make good decisions, especially when others are involved. This will promote empathy, self-awareness, and decision making skills.

For an energetic Child:

1.) Heart Cup Challenge: Using red plastic cups, have your child try to stack up the cups to make a heart shape. Every time they complete a row they have to say one thing that they love in life. If the cups fall and they have to start over, have them say one thing they love about themselves. This is a good way to have some healthy competition, and promote their self-esteem and awareness for others.

2.) Balancing Hearts: Using tape make hearts on the ground that your child has to balance and walk across them with a timer on. This will help them get out their energy and work on balance and focus.

For a teen:

1.) Gratitude Yoga: Have your teen complete a gratitude yoga video. This will give them an opportunity to reflect while getting active.

2.) Good citizen: In honor of presidents day, talk to your teen about how they practice being a good citizen. Talk to them how they can help more, and see if you can find somewhere they'd like to volunteer or get involved with the community.

Local Events:

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