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As the year comes to an end, we are all feeling burnt out. It is important to remember that burn out is not a feeling that only adults experience. It is likely that as we feel burnt out, kids are feeling similarly. Given the pandemic, remote/hybrid learning, and a lack of being able to spend time freely with friends, it is no surprise that kids may be feeling stir crazy.

Despite, the feelings of burn out and restlessness, it is important to make sure that we acknowledge these feelings and amp up our self-care.

Additionally, even though the holidays can be fun, they can also be a source of stress. This may from a lack of seeing family, or anxiety from having to see family on zoom etc. It is important to practice self-care and instill good self-care habits in your children as well.

This month, take time to talk to your child about the importance of self-care. What do they like to do when they are feeling overwhelmed? What do you like to do after long days? Talk to them about how you destress and see if there is anything that you both may enjoy doing together.

You can do something as simple as sit in a room together, while both you and your child read a book individually. This will allow your child to feel close to you while also getting some alone time.

You can create a fun spa day for you and your child and do at home facials, and masks.

If your child is more active you can do an at home yoga day to help them relax while getting their body moving.

Take the time to talk about the importance of putting your needs first.

Change is tough for anyone to go through. Consider having your child join one of our online remote groups to keep them busy, and engaged in their free time at home. We have a range of groups for different ages/genders/interests. Joining these groups can allow your child to interact with our kids, and get a chance to socialize in a productive manner.

Additionally, we do offer individual sessions for you or your child with one of our licensed therapists.

As things continue to change, allow us to help ease you into all the changes. Give us a call and get started in one of our groups or with an individual session. We are here for you! Stay tuned for more tips and ways to make this period easier for you and your family.

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