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Ameera's Therapy To Go

Hello everyone! As I previously encouraged in my blog post, I strongly encourage you to take a deep breath. Despite, all the uncertainty with COVID-19, and all the stress with elearning, lost jobs, and kids at home, it is still important to take time to breathe and relax as much as possible.

That being said, with all the stress it might be hard to find ways to stay busy and to keep your children and teens busy, as well. Here are some tips and activities that may be enjoyable:

1.) Sensory Easter Bunny- This is a great activity for a child that has trouble using their words, or focusing. All you will need is paper and something to draw/write with. Have your child draw a bunny face on a piece of paper. Talk about how bunny's have big ears to hear with, noses that move to smell with etc. then have them write or draw in the ears 2 things they heard today, in the nose, 2 things they smelled, above the eyes (as eyebrows) 2 things that they saw, on the cheeks 2 things that made them smile and so on and so forth. This will encourage your child to take a moment to think about their surroundings and focus on things they may not have noticed.

2.) Alphabet description book- What you will need is several pieces of paper and coloring supplies. Go through each letter of the alphabet with your child and choose a category for each letter. Then you and your child will both draw something that begins with that letter and belongs in that category. Once that is done, you will take turns describing what you drew, and guessing what the other is drew. Once you guess correctly, you can reveal your drawing. This is a fun way to take turns, practice using your words, and use your creativity. As your child completes all the letters, you can turn the drawings into a fun alphabet book to look at later!

3.) At home gym class- Since we have all been restricted to being in our homes, it is important to remain active. Have each family member take turns being a "gym teacher" and coming up with a fun activity. Try and take traditional gym activities and give them a twist, and a new name. See how many family members can successfully teach a class, and how many can follow along. This is a great way to be active as a family.

Some other fun activities to keep your children engaged and busy: mad libs, would you rather, guess what I am thinking, eye spy.

Always remember, it is important to take care of your own mental health and manage your stress as much as possible. Take some time to yourself when your kids are busy with school, or activities to do something for yourself.

Additionally, we at treehouse are accepting clients for telehealth sessions! Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need a therapist to talk to for yourself, or any family members. We are also offering, a number of groups if you would like to enroll your child throughout the week.

Stay healthy and safe!

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