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As fall comes into full swing, so does school. Unfortunately things are still far from "normal," in terms of school and life as we know it. This may make the transitional period for children and parents harder than usual.

If you are finding that your child is struggling adjusting with elearning, hybrid learning, or modified learning there are things you can do to make the transitional period a bit easier.

Change of Scenery- If possible, when your child has their "special" classes, such as art, gym etc. that would typically not be in their regular classroom, change their workspace to somewhere else in the house, so that they can look forward to the change of scenery. Even though this may be difficult to do in the house, the small change of scenery can help your child feel more engaged.

Designated lunch/dinner helper- have your child or one of your children, be in charge of setting up lunchtime and the "lunchroom area." This can make lunch feel more fun, and can give your child the opportunity to get involved with what they eat, and help around in the kitchen.

journaling- have your child at the end of every day, or week, write down the things they enjoyed about elearning/school that week. Have them write down a couple things that they wish the could change. This will give you an opportunity to open up discussion on how to help your child feel more comfortable. This might also help your child talk with you about some of the changes they are dealing/struggling with.

Change is tough for anyone to go through. Consider having your child join one of our online remote groups to keep them busy, and engaged in their free time at home. We have a range of groups for different ages/genders/interests. Joining these groups can allow your child to interact with our kids, and get a chance to socialize in a productive manner.

Additionally, we do offer individual sessions for you or your child with one of our licensed therapists.

As things continue to change, allow us to help ease you into all the changes. Give us a call and get started in one of our groups or with an individual session. We are here for you! Stay tuned for more tips and ways to make this period easier for you and your family.


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