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Back to School

Usually when we hear, "back to school," our first thoughts might be school supply shopping, or first day of school outfits, bus rides etc. but this year, things feel a little different, to say the least.

This year as back to school approaches we are faced with a new set of challenges, and unchartered territory. Things that parents and teachers have to think about is e- learning, distanced classrooms, and at home activities.

Despite having experienced this from March to the beginning of the summer, things feel different and especially challenging as school start dates quickly approach.

As a parent, you want to make sure this transition is as easy on both you and your child as possible.

As teachers, you want to make sure that your students are still getting the highest level of education that you can possibly give them, despite all the restrictions and changes.

What is important to remember whether you are a parent, student, or a teacher, is that we are all in this together. There is no handbook on how to concur or get through this together, so the best thing to do is to remember that it is a learning experience for everyone.

Find ways to keep things feeling as "normal," as possible. If that means getting new clothes, school supplies, and taking pictures on the first day (even if you are at home), do just that. Try and make the experience as enjoyable for you and your child. Keep them on a schedule similarly to one that would be followed during regular school days.

If your child is doing hybrid learning, or will be going back to school, talk to them about some of their anxieties, or concerns. Help them find a mask that is not only comfortable, but something that they enjoy wearing. Tell them about the importance of washing their hands and maintaining distances from their classmates, and keep reminding them that this is new for everyone, and eventually things will feel more normal.

Change is tough for anyone to go through. Consider having your child join one of our online remote groups to keep them busy, and engaged in their free time at home. We have a range of groups for different ages/genders/interests. Joining these groups can allow your child to interact with our kids, and get a chance to socialize in a productive manner.

Additionally, we do offer individual sessions for you or your child with one of our licensed therapists.

As things continue to change, allow us to help ease you into all the changes. Give us a call and get started in one of our groups or with an individual session. We are here for you!

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