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IEP/504 Special Education Support/Advocacy

IEP 504 Meetings

Some children who have ADHD, anxiety, Learning Disorders and Autism among many other challenges need extra support at school.  Are you lost and overwhelmed by the special education process?  Is your chid not receiving the support they need at school? Do you need to obtain an IEP or 504 Plan for your child and don't know how to start? Schedule a meeting with our special education experts to help navigate your child's unique plan.  Our available advocates have 12-25 years of experience advocating for children in the special education system in our area and have extensive experience determining special education eligibility, writing Individual Education Plans and working with parents to determine specific interventions to work on a child's weaknesses while capitalizing on strengths.  We are also available to attend school meetings with you as your advocate and special education support and expert. 

Please contact the office at 847-975-5598 to make an appointment or email us at

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