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Friday Night Out for Teens 

Fridays - 4:30-7:30
Tuesdays (Summer) 4:30-7:30

JUNE 18-AUGUST 6, 2023
TUESDAYS 4:30-7:30

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Our Friday Night Out and Summer Night Out for Teens (held on Tuesday evenings in the summer) is one of our most popular program for a very good reason!  It really works! This program is for teens who would benefit from a group that will increase his or her self-esteem and confidence, help your teen negotiate with friends, become more independent in his or her social life and have a ton of fun!!


Our group is specifically designed to encourage growth in the social and emotional skills necessary to be  successful being and having fun in a peer group during the high school years and beyond.  Many kids who join our group have been diagnosed with anxiety, social anxiety, learning disabilities, ADHD, and high functioning autism.  The Teen Group meets at our office in the beginning of their 3 hour time together and makes plans to go out and do fun things together such as eating out at different restaurants, going to escape rooms, arcades, bowling, and pottery painting among a lot of other fun things to do with friends.  They also learn how to manage real life "hang out time" with a group of friends.  They negotiate with each other and decide on outings, budget money together perhaps deciding how to make an evening out cheaper so they can do something more expensive the next time, all while learning how important and accepted they are in their peer group.  


Activities are designed to meet the needs of teens who may need extra support when navigating the social world. Therapists working with your teen are aware of each members weaknesses and strengths and help each person with his or her own personal needs.

Our group therapists who take the teens out for fun are licensed counselors and social workers.   Please call the office at 847-975-5598 for more information. 

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