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Friday Night Out

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sTuesday Evenings

June 18-August 6, 2024

4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Call 847-975-5598 for more information

CALL 847-975-5598

Our Friday Night Out and Summer Camp (held on Tuesday evenings in the summer) is an incredibly popular program for a good reason! It's highly effective!


This program is designed for children aged 5-15 who want to have three hours of fun each week, boost their self-esteem and confidence, make new friends, develop fantastic coping skills and enhance their right brain (creative) learning abilities!


Our groups are specifically tailored to foster social and emotional growth, which are crucial for success in primary through high school. Many kids who join our group may experience challenges such as anxiety, social anxiety, depression, ADHD, difficulty making or keeping friends and/or high-functioning autism.


We have research available upon request that demonstrates significant improvements in self-esteem and confidence among our participants, especially after two or three sessions.


Our activities are designed to cater to the needs of every child, whether they require additional support or are typically developing. Our dedicated team of therapists is well-versed in addressing each child's individual needs and they include clinical psychologists, counselors, school social workers, a certified music therapist, and a licensed art therapist.

During the program your child will participate in:
  • Art Therapy using mixed media with a licensed Art Therapist

  • Music Therapy with a certified music therapist

  • Friendship (Social Skills) Group with Dinner

  • Fun field trips once or twice during the session

Enrollment is strictly limited. Kids will be grouped with up to only 4-5 similar peers to maximize individual attention and learning.  Kids are typically working with two or three therapists all evening!  We run the program in three different sessions throughout the year (Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer).  In order to gain maximum benefit, group members are required to sign up for the whole session, unless prior arrangements are agreed upon.


Payment plans are available upon request and the group is covered by insurance.



Please contact the office for details or email us at

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