Kids Groups

We have several Kids Groups to accommodate children with ages ranging from 4-13 years old who would like to have four hours a week of fantastic fun, increase their self-esteem and confidence, make new friends and rapidly increase his or her right brain (creative) learning!!! Our groups are specifically designed to encourage growth in the social and emotional skills necessary to be successful in the primary through elementary grades.


Activities are designed to meet the needs of any child whether they need additional support or are typical in development.

Instructors include clinical psychologists, counselors, a certified music therapist, certified art therapist, and a certified Yogakids™ instructor.

Each week your child will participate in:
Each week your child will participate in:
  • Art Therapy using mixed media with a licensed Art Therapist

  • Music therapy with a certified music therapist

  • Friendship Group

  • Yoga with a certified Yogakids™ instructor

  • Parent meetings

  • Individual attention with a licensed clinical psychologist as needed

  • Fun field trips with your great new friends and your trusty leaders

Enrollment is limited. Kids will be grouped with 5-6 similar peers to maximize individual attention and learning. Instructors are all adults who are educated/certified/licensed in their field. Kids group members are required to sign up for all weeks of group (unless prior arrangements are agreed upon ahead of time) in order to gain maximum benefit. Payment plans are available upon request.

Area of focus:

Social skills include but are not limited to: greeting new friends, joining a group, cooperative play, small group play, give and take in social situations, conflict resolution, turn taking, assertiveness with friends, labeling and expression of feelings, We also work on fine and gross motor strength, physical coordination, various techniques for relaxation/self regulation, impulse control, attention/concentration, frustration tolerance/patience, listening skills.

We are in-network with some insurance providers.  Please contact the office for details or email us at