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Art Therapy

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Art therapy is different than art education or art for fun because of the therapeutic relationship with the art therapist and the therapeutic goals the client is working on. The therapeutic goals determined by the art therapist and client, art exploration, and the therapeutic relationship are the cornerstones of art therapy.


Art therapy does not rely on words or traditional written forms of language to be effective.  We can all relate to those moments when words felt like ‘not enough’ when describing an experience, feeling, or thought.  This is especially true for children, people with limited verbal abilities, and those who have experienced trauma. Art therapy is a unique field, bridging art and psychology. It uses the creative art process and product for therapeutic benefit.


At the Tree House CGL, those that participate in art therapy can benefit in many ways including increased communication, expression, emotional regulation, conflict resolution, problem solving, confidence building, and social skills.  You do not need to be an art lover to participate and benefit from art therapy.  You must merely be open to expressing yourself with art media.


When creating art with a professional art therapist you gain a supportive, knowledgeable ally to support and guide you in how to best use art to help you every day!


Individual art therapy is facilitated by Julie Ludwick, MAAT, ATR-BC, LCPC.

Call the office at 847-975-5598 to schedule an appointment.

We are in-network with some insurance providers.  Please contact the office for details or email us at

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