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At The Tree House Center for Growth and Learning one of our goals is for a child or teen to have fun while learning better ways to cope, to learn and to grow healthier social and emotional lives.  We incorporate different types of programs and groups to fit the needs all children whether they are typically developing or have unique struggles.  We want to motivate kids to be the best they can be in all aspects of their lives. 

We are in-network with many insurance providers and will bill out of network providers for you.  Insurance is accepted for most of our programs and we offer a sliding scale fee when possible.  Please contact the office for further details.

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We have several therapists on staff experienced in counseling children ages 3-18 years old.  Among using cognitive behavioral therapy, we also use play based therapy, drawing, collage, books and games that all seem like normal play to children but serves many different purposes in diagnosing and treating children.

Call or email us for more information.

We have several therapists on staff experienced in counseling children and family. Family therapy can be helpful in many cases, such as when family members do not get along; disagree or argue often; or when a child is having behavior problems. Family therapy involves counseling sessions with some, or all, family members to help improve communications skills. Treatment focuses on problem-solving techniques.

Call or email for more information.

Schedule a meeting with our special education expert to help navigate your child's unique IEP & 504 Plan.

Call or email for more information.

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