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Tween Girls Group

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Enroll anytime!
Monday's 6:00-8:00 pm

One Hour of Friendship Group
One Hour of Art Therapy

This amazing group is all about embracing who we are and loving ourselves, flaws and all. Every Monday we dive into cool activities like art therapy, discussions, music, games, and more during our two-hour session.


It's the perfect fit for girls aged about 10-14 who might be dealing with self-esteem issues, depression, ADHD, anxiety, and/or struggling with friendships among other struggles. We are here to help the tweens learn to love and celebrate their uniqueness in a supportive, fun, and non-judgmental environment.


We have two groups running at the same time, and we'll make sure to group the girl you love with peers her own age. To keep things cozy and personal and for the benefit of the participants, each group is limited to just six girls.


Dinner is served during this group!

We are in-network with most insurance providers.  Please contact the office for details.

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