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The Tree House offers music lessons, music therapy and adapted music lessons with our board certified music therapist, Becca Canasta, MT-BC, NMT.   Becca has over 20 years of experience in music therapy, and works throughout area school districts as a music therapist servicing special education students ages 3-22.  Becca also has a private practice providing individual music therapy and piano lessons to area students with and without special needs.

Music Lessons:  Schedule a 30 minute private piano, drums or guitar lesson.  Students will learn basic music theory and notation while they are learning how to play an instrument.

Music therapy is the clinical use of music interventions to meet the whole person where he/she is, and assist in moving toward greater health.  Goals will be individualized for each person according to what his/her needs are.  These may include goals in a variety of areas such as cognitive, motor development, sensory, social emotional, and communication.  The goals are developed from a music therapy assessment as well as parent and student input.  These goals are rarely musical in nature, rather we use musical interventions to target non musical goals.   Music therapy can be for students with very severe special needs or students who have no special needs at all but just want some growth and development in an area that music therapy can support.  You can see this, for example, at the Tree House Kids Night Out Camps.  In a group setting I have been working on growth mindset using music as the tool to teach the concepts.  This is beneficial for a child with ADHD, but it's also good for ANY child. 


 ​Call the office at 847-975-5598 to schedule an appointment.

Individual Session Rates:


Music Therapy - $60/hour

Music Lessons - $30/30 minutes

Adapted Music Lessons - $30/30 minutes

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