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A note from our Clinical Director: Chris Decker, PsyD

Welcome to The Tree House!

I am not only the parent of four children with varying degrees of special needs, but I have also worked with children and adolescents as clinical psychologist for the past twenty-five years. I have seen a need in our area for unique programming to support the healthy development of all children, whether they are typically developing or have unique challenges.

Our team is motivated to help you and your child with various difficulties they or your family may have. We specialize in neuropsychological disorders including but not limited to anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, attention deficit disorders, and high-functioning autism.  We help with the psychological impact of learning disorders, adjustment disorders and even just the stress of every day life. We have many creative ways of supporting children and their parents who struggle in any way.


We are very excited about our therapeutic programs! As you read through our website, you will come across unique programming that will support the development of your child aged five to eighteen plus years. We have friendship and social skills groups, camps, Friday Night Out Groups, Girls Groups, and Gamers Groups. Our wide range of services are covered by insurance and are held during convenient times for busy families like our own. Please continue to check in with us for updates to our programming and new additions to our website!


We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Chris Decker






Our Team.

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