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Alicia Kurup 
Clinic Office Manager

Alicia has been an integral part of The Tree House CGL as our dedicated office manager for the past 10 years. We understand that taking the first step towards therapy can be challenging, and Alicia is here to support you throughout the process. When you reach out to The Tree House, Alicia will be the first person you speak with. Her genuine passion for helping children, teenagers, and their families shines through her kind-hearted nature.

Alicia is committed to ensuring that your experience with our organization is as smooth and effortless as possible. From the initial contact to the completion of your journey, she goes above and beyond to streamline the business and office processes. Her goal is to provide a helping hand and create a welcoming environment for everyone seeking assistance from us.

With Alicia's expertise and compassionate approach, you can trust that she will do everything within her power to make your experience with The Tree House comfortable and stress-free.

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