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Tween Girls Empowerment Group

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This group is beneficial to all tween girls as well as girls struggling with social or emotional issues.The goal of the group is to empower girls and help build their confidence by understanding who they are and taking care of themselves. This group isn't just a place to learn skills and strategies—it’s also a place to connect with and support each other. It’s a positive environment where tweens can rely on each other for encouragement and fun.


This group is designed to help tweens girls to become all they are meant to be through an experiential approach to improving decision-making, developing coping resources, managing stress, and increasing self-esteem and confidence. The girls will learn coping strategies in a safe and supportive environment to help build a skill set to better manage the everyday challenges of being a young teen. Various modalities will be included, such as, but not limited to, games, art, self-care activities (such as nails and makeup), story writing and music. Dinner is included!



  • Increase ability to make safe and healthy choices.

  • Increase self-esteem and self- confidence

  • Learn to know, accept and respect oneself

  • Develop skills to combat peer pressure

  • Gain mastery of effective coping strategies to address negative feelings.

  • Tolerating the distress of school and day-to-day life.

  • Improve emotional regulation and reduce stress

  • Learn how to handle symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Communicate effectively to improve relationships and create effective assertiveness


We are in-network with some insurance providers.  Please contact the office for details or email us at

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