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Ameera's Therapy To Go

As the days get longer, and spring approaches, hopefully there is more sunshine in your days literally and figuratively. Many schools are transitioning to hybrid or completely back in person, so you may find that your child might be experiencing increased anxiety.

Whether or not your child has enjoyed elearning, it has been going on for long enough where it has become "the norm," in a sense, and readjusting to in person school might be difficult for your child.

To help your child adjust back to school in person, normalize to them that it is a difficult transition. Be open with them and listen to what their concerns are and reassure them that you are there to support them along the way.

Some children who may not have previously been anxious or experienced social anxiety, might be experiencing it after having spent almost a year learning from home. For these children, it is important to spend time with them at home as they are slowly integrating others into their lives. Have family dinners, game nights, and conversations. This may ease some of their anxiety.

Additionally consider having your child joining one of our virtual groups. We have plenty of options from art groups, to gaming groups. These groups will give your child an opportunity to have positive social interactions with other children their age from the comfort of your home.

Also, as always, we have individual therapists available. Having a therapist can help transitional periods like these be easier for you and your child.

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