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Ameera's Therapy To Go

Keeping your child entertained amongst a pandemic, and cold weather is challenging to say the least. It is tough to come up with new activities that will not only keep them engaged, but will also be productive. If you have a child that struggles with engaging outside their electronics, this is especially hard! Some new activities to try this month are:

shadow drawings: this is a fun way to be creative. Have your child choose a background of their choice, it could be something outdoors, or just a pattern. Once they draw their background or use a pre-made one, have them take a black sharpie and draw "shadows." Once they have drawn figures, or silhouettes, they can color them in with the black sharpie and they will look similar to shadows.

affirmation tag: if your child is energetic this is a good idea. Play tag with them, and whenever someone is tagged, have them say a positive affirmation about themselves or someone else playing the game. This will encourage your child to be positive, and will help with their self-esteem.

movie bingo- pick one of your favorite movies and choose several common themes or phrases in the movie to make bingo cards. This could be something as simple as when someone laughs, or as specific as when a character wears a red sweater. This will encourage your children to pay attention and focus and will make movie night a little more fun!

Change is tough for anyone to go through. Consider having your child join one of our online remote groups to keep them busy, and engaged in their free time at home. We have a range of groups for different ages/genders/interests. Joining these groups can allow your child to interact with our kids, and get a chance to socialize in a productive manner.

Additionally, we do offer individual sessions for you or your child with one of our licensed therapists.

As things continue to change, allow us to help ease you into all the changes. Give us a call and get started in one of our groups or with an individual session. We are here for you! Stay tuned for more tips and ways to make this period easier for you and your family.

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